Friday, October 22, 2010

Employee of the Year

Here at RHD,we like to have fun, and one of the most inspiring "fun-lovers" is Jessica Hobbs, a friendly face to many of our web site clients.

As previously mentioned, Jessica always likes doing little jokes around the office. For example, one time, she filled up Tricia's office with pictures of herself. She also recently suggested that instead of answering the phone with "Good morning, Ranch House Designs," that we might spice it up by saying "RHD, What's Poppin?"

One of the stunts Jessica pulled on me was about a year ago, when I arrived at work one morning with a picture of Jessica on my desk, with this caption:

She also did a similar photo on Liz's desk:

So in the spirit of Jessica's fun jokes, I thought we might actually have a REAL contest for RHD's Employee of the Year!! And just to be fair, I listed Jessica at the top of the poll. You can vote on this poll over on the right side of the blog. We'll leave the voting open til December 15th, right before Christmas, so the winner can get their PRIZE!! (Now I'm not saying what exactly the prize might be that the winner gets to take out the trash at RHD for a month....or it might be something good ha ha)

But seriously, vote for your favorite, and we'll see if Jessica really does live up to her title! :)

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