Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Surfing other sites...

Well, when you are spending extended amounts of time on a couch, you find a lot of places to surf around on the Internet. I have tons of friends who are addicted to checking multiple times daily, but up until now I've never really been one who was a repeat visitor. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE showsteers and I LOVE Becky but I just never really had the time to surf the Internet much before. So, I have to admit....I can see how people can really get into it. I find myself wanting to check it nightly, see who's got updated sites (other than the ones we've updated ourselves) and then discuss all the new photos, calves and updates with my friends on the phone.

Speaking of some cool recent updates....Has everyone seen the smokin' hot Monopoly calf that is on Matt Lautner's web site? Awesome. If you haven't seen it be sure to check Matt's site out.

Then what about the text message buzz on Habeger's site? What do people think about that? I think it's pretty cool too, and definitely something different. I'm pretty sure that's the first ad that deals with a text message. Wonder how many people will copy that now.

Granted I realize we did all these updates but still I think they are cool.

Another first for me today - I ventured into the online posting on I have some friends who really like this site better than some other message boards so I tried it out. I love this format and I love the fact that there is some type of accountability on here. So my topic I posted under was "Dream Matings" which suprisingly, no one posted me x Brad Pitt. Anyway, I did make a post and stated that my dream mating was Heat Wave x my sister's CF Myrtle Bo cow. My perfect mix of club calf and Shorthorns. I think Cat might go for it, and honestly I think John might go for it. Phil would like it. BUT.....convincing Jim would be a whole different story! But can't you picture those cute blue roans???

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