Saturday, April 26, 2008

I need a clone

yep - i want a clone - of myself - only better

  • LW#1 clone would be able to work 24 hours a day - never get tired - never make a mistake - and have excellent math skills. LW#1 would be able to do Dreamweaver and Go live.
  • She would be 25 lbs lighter and have less wrinkles. LW#1 would be able to eat chips and salsa every meal and not gain weight.
  • Having a clone would allow LW to attend Astros games, and Aggie games without any problems. LW#1 would be responsible for LW's work - therefore freeing up LW to do whatever she wants.
  • LW likes her itunes too and sings at the top of her voice all day when working at the V8 office (nobody is around to hear me) ..... LW#1 would have a great voice.
I'm sure most of you wish for something. Really, all in all, being able to multi - task between RHD and V8 has been great. I love working with RHD. One of my tasks is quality control. I double check website updates for mistakes - typos - broken links, etc. I'm the one who finds mistakes - and tells the updaters. Sometime I feel badly about turning in corrections - but - it's what is best for RHD clients. Proof reading is a goofy thing - you can look at something several times and not catch mistakes.....then boom - the error jumps off the page.

Gotta run....the NFL college draft is on....I gotta watch for the Aggies who get drafted.
Enjoy the weekend.

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