Wednesday, April 16, 2008

collecting stickers

i'm not sure who reads this blog so for what it's's my 2cents

after a devastating tax day, Jim and I have driven to Jim Wells County - deep south Texas for a couple of days rest and business. We are staying in the trailer and outside my window is mesquite mots, cactus (dead and alive) and dirt....and stickers. Any walking outside results in stickers on your pants. Sam is suffering the most. He needs cowboy boots if this becomes a regular thing. We are 20 miles from Kingsville's flour tortillas and 20 miles from Falfurias hot Mexican plate and salsa. We ate the Kingsville tortillas last night and they were so big they hung over the plate. Which is exactly what will happen if I continue to eat flour tortillas - my gut will be hung over my jeans.

Jim busted out early to drive the 3000 acres - he saw deer, snakes, buffalo, etc. When he came back to the trailer mid morning - he came in - with his 'hunting whisper voice" wanting me to look outside - there were 3 buffalo grazing right by the trailer. I didn't even know it.

It's very very dry here. Not much pasture grass available. They need rain badly - but again - this is part of the Wild Horse Desert. There is no city noise here. Nothing but nature - birds and the sound of the wind blowing through the mesquite trees.

This place is surrounded by a deer proof fence - so we will be able to see alot of deer this afternoon. The bucks have already shed their horns.

OK- that's my 2cents. what say you?

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