Monday, April 8, 2013

Livestock Advertising Code of Ethics

Here at RHD, most everyone knows that we take ethics and integrity as our top priority. We have always tried our best to maintain the highest level of professionalism in our designs and writing, but we recently thought it was a good idea to put it all in writing. So, we developed the RHD Livestock Advertising Code of Ethics. 
We welcome others to use this same code of ethics in their own livestock advertising programs, or for anyone in the cattle business to use it as their guide. It is also available at  

Ranch House Designs Livestock Advertising Code of Ethics

1. RHD will maintain the highest level of truth and ethics in all advertising, public relations, marketing, news, editorial writing, and websites created.
2. RHD exercises only ethical livestock photo retouching, and will never alter the physical conformation of any animal represented in a photograph.
3. RHD exercises extra care when creating advertising materials that may be viewed by children or young adults, including using discretion based on the product, animal name, and any implications related to alcohol, prescription drugs, or guns.
4. RHD respects and maintains consumers' personal privacy regarding their preferences to receive selected marketing, news, email blasts, and advertising.
5. RHD accurately represents the circulation of printed and electronic media.
6. In the event of a potential ethical concern, RHD team members will privately discuss any ethical concerns with clients during the creation of advertising, designs, websites, or content in all efforts to resolve ethical dilemmas according to the highest ethical standards.
7. RHD strives for accuracy of all materials published, whether it be online, through social media, or in printed materials. Personal opinions in editorial writing will be labeled as such, and any errors of significance will be corrected when called to attention.
8. RHD follows federal, state, and local advertising laws and cooperates with industry self-regulatory programs for advertising practices, including but not limited to the Livestock Publications Council, U.S.D.A., U.S. Patent and Trademark office, Federal Trade Commission, Food & Drug Administration, and National Advertising Review Council.

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