Friday, April 12, 2013

Comments about RHD on Steer Planet

Ahh, Steer Planet forums..... a great place to learn and share with others but place where friends can also become enemies with a few strokes of the keyboard and an anonymous screen name.

I saw a post on today about SEO, referencing a Steer Planet post where someone was blaming a web design firm on a new client site not coming up first on Google.

I thought -- oh, I'll go find that post, I want to see what they are talking about.

Low and behold, one of those genious anonymous posters was talking about RHD!!!

Wow! Kinda makes you feel funny when people are blatantly criticizing your business on the internet when they don't even know you or know anything about your business.

In this post, someone made the comment insinuating that RHD sites have "good form but no function" and aren't going to be listed on search engines.

Which made me laugh, which was right up there with the humor when someone posted that RHD only works on weekends updating clients websites.

Anyway... I'm not sure where this poster got his information, but actually, RHD takes a lot of pride in search engine optimization and designing sites that are search engine friendly.

We have a full time staff member (Carole) devoted to SEO. Our entire staff has gone to educational workshops on SEO, and we actually brought in an SEO specialist from Houston for a full day of training for our whole team on SEO.

We know how to use Adwords, facebook advertising, and much more.

So, if you fall for believing some random person on Steer Planet who makes blanket statements that aren't true....I'd like for you to take this challenge.

Pick your favorite search term of how you think people would try to find a cattle website on Google...and google it, and see if you can find an RHD site.

For example,

Google "Show Steers For Sale" -- see how many RHD sites are on the front page. I don't want to give it away but when I googled it, we had 3 of the 11 sites on the first page, and the other sites listed were all directories like,, etc. No other design firm had that many sites listed on the front page.

Google "Show Cattle for Sale" and see how many RHD sites come up

And, FYI, when I googled it, Bill Cody Show Cattle was like the first one that came up. FYI - That was one of the very first sites we ever did here at RHD. We don't do it anymore, but RHD laid the foundation for that site's SEO.

Whatever your term - pick it - and see if you can find an RHD site. I bet you money if it's a livestock related search term that we'll be in the top.

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