Monday, April 1, 2013

Thoughts from the only male team member here at RHD...

As most people know, RHD is primarily made up of women, with the exception of our "one in a million" team member Matt Sweeney, who is our developer.

Today, to celebrate wrapping up a great 1st quarter 2013, Rachel got everyone a Longchamp bag / purse. We were first introduced to these by Joelynn Rathmann who is our resident (well former resident) fashionista.

So, the purses were the tipping point for Matt's feeling of being surrounded by females here at RHD, which pushed him to do what all fun graphic designers do --- make a graphic!!

According to Matt, working at RHD really makes men feel under-appreciated :)

According to Matt, here are just a few of the reasons why :)

  • Tanning strategies, manicures, hair stylists, and even bra sizes are discussed routinely at staff meetings here at RHD.
  • Shopping conversations are a daily, maybe even hourly conversation topic here in the office
  • It's not uncommon for people to take off during the day to get highlights or a manicute / pedicure
  • Bath & Body Works or Victorias Secret are our go-to gift of choice for any office birthday / holiday
  • For Easter, Halle (our newest team member) gave everyone a custom made pen with a flower on the top....of which 4 people were using in today's staff meeting
  • Channing Tatum pictures randomly show up as our computer backgrounds or taped to people's desks. (Especially on birthdays)

Instead, Matt says...It is too much to ask for a "Man Cave Day" or gift certificates to Bass Pro Shop...or to discuss cool things like ammo, handgun preferences, XBoxes, or plasma TVs at a staff meeting?

So, here's what Matt came up with, as his visual of what a day in the life at RHD really is like :)

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