Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Fusion Cattle

If you are looking for quality Shorthorn cattle, be sure and visit one of our newest web sites Fusion Cattle. They have a great selection of spring born calves ready for sale. Whether you’re an experienced breeder or looking for a project, you’re sure to find something you like.

Located in central Illinois, Fusion Cattle is a partnership between two families with deep roots in the cattle industry. The Truckenbrod Family has been raising Shorthorn cattle for 45 years; the Hofstatter Family, though new to the Shorthorn breed, have been raising quality beef for 100 years. Through a union of marriage, Fusion Cattle now strives to produce great Shorthorn and Shorthorn Plus livestock.

A quick glace at their Champions page indicates they are doing things right. The purple ribbons, trophies, and happy customers through the years speak for themselves.

Fusion Cattle has more than 100 head of Shorthorn cows calving each year and they are continually introducing new genetics. Also, be sure and check out Fusion Cattle’s Arsenal of top notch bulls

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