Wednesday, September 1, 2010

August Web Updates Breaks RHD Record!

Our RHD statistician Luann Williams recently reported that our great clients at RHD helped us break the web updates record for the most # of updates ever in the 11 year history of RHD!

In August, our clients sent in 384 web updates! This isn't suprising, since there are so many sales and events coming up, plus lots of our clients added new winner pictures from summer shows.

This figure averages about to 20 updates sent in per day. For the month, our average turnaround time on web updates was a little under 5 hours. So roughly, if you sent in your update in the morning, it was done that very same afternoon.

As our clients know, we make updating our #1 priority. We have 3 team members dedicated to making updates, so that each client is a priority and your updates are done in a very timely manner.

Our top updater for the month of August was Top Cut Genetics.

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