Thursday, September 30, 2010

R.A. Brown Ranch

Since 1895, the R.A. Brown Ranch has been producing some of the most superior cattle and Quarter Horses in the industry. This progressive family ranching business, originally established by R.H. Brown, is now in its 5th generation. Today the ranch is owned by R.A. “Rob” & Peggy Brown, along with their children.

Covering almost 40,000 acres in Texas and Colorado, they raise and sell four breeds of cattle: Angus, Red Angus, SimAngus and Hotlander (a four breed composite developed on the ranch in the late 80’s). Extensive records are maintained on over 1000 head of seedstock cows, 200 commercial cows and 35 Quarter Horse broodmares. They are also assertive in wildlife management, including whitetail deer, wild hogs, turkeys, quail, dove, and many tanks stocked with hybrid fish (Tiger Bass).

The Mission Statement of the R.A. Brown Ranch is very clear: "We are striving to improve the efficiency of converting God’s forage into healthy, nutritious, great tasting BEEF to better feed His people".

Best known for their powerful breeding bulls, R.A. Brown Ranch holds a production sale every year. This year’s sale will be Wednesday, October 13th at the ranch headquarters in Throckmorton, Texas. Visit their web site for complete details and more information.

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