Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Stierwalt Cattle & Clinics

This week the web division had the honor of designing a new web site for one of the "gurus" of the show cattle circles, Kirk Stierwalt of Leedy, Oklahoma. Kirk and his family are great examples of families in the cattle business with a great reputation of integrity matched with a proven track record of success. From their fitting demonstrations to their success with junior market steers, junior market lambs, and barrel racing, the Stierwalts are folks with a very humble attitude of helping others. Any member of their family is always happy to stop and visit with friends, lend a hand, or answer questions from a junior showman who is looking to improve their skills. We have been fortunate to get to know them better over the past few years through their good friendship with another RHD client and friend, Travis Pembrook of Pembrook Cattle.

Kirk called our office a couple of weeks ago inquiring about a new web site to feature his nationwide fitting clinics, his cattle program, and his family's cattle and horse program. We were so honored that he chose RHD for his web design company, and thoroughly enjoyed designing his new site for him.

A couple of funny stories....

Because of his friendship with Travis, we have actually had the unbelievable honor of Kirk Stierwalt fitting some of the V8 Shorthorns at Louisville and Denver over the past few years. Can you imagine the feeling one would have when "THE" Kirk Stierwalt actually fits one of your calves!!! Like not in a fitting demonstration, but the real deal! This was like a DREAM for us. He helped fit a couple of our star Shorthorn heifers, Miss V8 Can't Fool Me and Miss V8 Mona's Hip Hop, and helped put them in the winners circle at Denver and Louisville.

We are somewhat stalkers of his son, Ky Stierwalt. Ky also helps Travis Pembrook with the V8 Shorthorns and this is one of the nicest young men involved in the junior livestock showring. I have seen tons of show pictures of Ky because of his many champion steers that were sired by Lautner Bulls. So anytime we would do a catalog for Lautner Farms, most likely there was a picture of Ky and one of his steers. I just love this young man, and am proud of the good example he gives to other young people in the business.

A couple of years ago, I had to call Kirk, because while working on the Lautner catalog, one of the photos we wanted to use on the cover was of Ky. Since Ky was a minor at that time, we needed to get parental permission to use a photo of Ky on the cover. I was SO nervous to call Kirk and ask him permission. Luckily for me Kirk was super nice about it and granted the permission with no trouble at all.

So anyway, I invite you to check out and look around. There are many fitting clinics scheduled all across the country. Also check out the "Family" page, where you can see videos of Kyra and Ky.

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  1. Good job girls. This site loads so much faster than their old one. I think Kirk is doing a live chat on tonight.