Thursday, February 4, 2010

Gulf Coast Surplus

This week we launched a web site for a local business that specializes in restaurant and grocery supplies. Although we have clients all over the United States and a few other countries, we take special pride when we are given the opportunity to work with our friends and neighbors, who we might just run into at the grocery store or our favorite restaurant.

This site was also especially fun because two of the team members at Gulf Coast Surplus, Bart Worthing and Clint Powell, are about the same age as Rachel, and they all knew each other in high school. Bart, who is the owner of GC Surplus, is married to the former Andrea Rod, who was a fellow 4-H'er with Rachel when they were youngsters in the Wharton community 20 years ago. Rachel and Andrea were both on the junior livestock judging team together and had lots of fun memories in the 4-H organization. So now, we were very honored to design this site for two of Wharton's young successful businessmen.

Gulf Coast Surplus has been in business for more than 10 years and has 40 plus years experience in the grocery/restaurant industry. They offer new, used and refurbished equipment and they have everything to keep a restaurant up and running.

In addition to their restaurant and grocery supplies, they also carry warehouse equipment. Check out their new site at

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  1. Hi. I'm feeling nostalgic. I Googled Bart Worthing and it seems there's only one. I knew a Bart Worthing in Reese Elementary School, 5th Grade.

    He wrote something that was put into a book that I still have about him getting a boa constrictor from his father--his (at the time) favorite gift.

    I wanted to only find a way to express deep gratitude for him being a really good friend in 5th grade.

    This would be important because it was hard and he was the "cool" kid. He was the kindness and I have never forgotten.

    If there's a way to get this to him or tell him, I'd greatly appreciate it. I see he likes to play golf, I do not. ha.

    He might remember me...maybe. Jeremiah.

    He was in Mrs. Palmer's class.

    Thank you. I have a profile on this site. I appreciate it.