Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Meeting Terry Starnes of Squaw Creek Silver

This year on my first of two trips to the Fort Worth Stock Show, I had the priviledge of meeting one of our RHD clients, Terry Starnes of Squaw Creek Silver.

Since we do most of our business with clients over the phone or e-mail, anytime we get to meet a client face to face is always a fun deal for us. And though probably not to many of our blog readers would recognize Mr. Starnes face to face, I'd bet you $5 that you would know his voice. Why?? Because he is the announcer of the Fort Worth Stock Show livestock show! Just imagine him saying..."First place in the class goes to....."

Meeting Terry was also special for me because, if you'll notice in this photo, I'm wearing a nifty new custom made belt buckle, made by Squaw Creek Silver. I ordered this belt buckle for myself and all of the ladies on V8 Ranch for Christmas. I absolutely LOVE the belt buckle! Honestly, I haven't worn a belt buckle since probably my sophomore year of college, when I made the switch from belt buckle to concho belt. But, when I saw the work Terry did, I just couldn't resist. So now, I'm back to wearing a belt buckle.

When visiting with Terry, he let me know how happy he was with his web site, and shared a great story about the power of online advertising. After his web site was posted online by RHD, his wife sent out an email to several of their friends inviting them to check out the new site. Within 2 hours, they had their first order. And, according to Terry, within 34 hours of their new site going online, they had enough orders to pay for the design fee and one whole year of maintenance!!!

How about that for a testimonial!

If you love high class western jewelry and buckles, visit this web site. I'm trying to talk Terry into using my buckle as a sample online! http://www.squawcreeksilver.com/

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  1. I just checked out their website and your right they do awesome stuff! I think this also might be one of my favorite designs of your guys. Very nice. Love that rich chocolate color.