Monday, November 23, 2009

American Music Awards

This morning I had a urge to get to the office a little early this Monday morning. No, not because I had a major pressing deadline or anything, but because I had made a list of a few MUST DOWNLOAD songs that I saw last night on the American Music Awards. So my iTunes account was working in overdrive this morning as I began searching for my favorite songs I saw on the show last night.

I love music, and I love watching the celebrities and seeing what's new, what they are wearing, who they are dating, etc. etc. So last night was a real treat for me to watch the few hours of the live show.

So my first song download was "Empire State of Mine" by Jay-Z and Alicia Keys. I've been seeing this song in the top songs on iTunes but never actually heard it, becuase I listen to my iPod and not really a lot of radio anymore. I thought this song was awesome. First I wished that Sex and the City was still on, because I could just picture this song playing as a great ending to a show with Carrie and Big walking down some New York Street during Christmas. Then, I thought of the only person I know who actually DOES live in New York...Cari Rincker. If I lived in NYC, (which will never happen, I'm actually too intimidated by that big of a city to even travel there....) I could picture myself running in Central Park with that song playing in the background. I love the line "These streets will make you feel brand new; big lights will inspire you" - even though you could totally re-write that for our country living with something like the dirt roads and fresh air....because I would probably have a panic attack in NYC, but I do get my inspiration from living on the ranch.  Very cool song.

Next, I downloaded Bad Romance, Lady GaGa. If you saw her performance, all I have to say is W-O-W! How does she come up with her creativity!!! I don't understand how she just keeps coming out with these awesome songs, each one topping the other. Now Adam Lambert's performance, on the other hand, um....what was going on there? Same thing for Rihanna's outfit, first I thought, that outfit must be extremely uncomfortable with a thin strip of white material perfectly placed right over her crack. Then I she wearing underwear? But it was pretty cool when the laser's started going and it started hitting the spikes on her outfit.

I also loved the Black Eyed Peas performance. Since I recently colored my hair a little darker, I was happy to see Fergie going a little darker too. Oh another great one was Kelly Clarkson. I love that Already Gone song, and she sounded awesome. Did anyone else think Kate Hudson's boobs were going to fall out of her dress?

My biggest happiness of the night was for Taylor Swift. Everyone here at RHD is a big Taylor fan, and I just love her. Her sweet personality, her originality, her creativeness, and the fact that she is just so "real" makes her a great musician and a great young lady.

So my morning downloads....Empire State of Mind (Jay-Z), Half of my Heart (John Mayer/Taylor Swift), Bad Romance (Lady GaGa).


  1. Must have similar tastes. I love that New York song! I heard it a while back during the MTV music awards, I wish they would start to play it more on the radio.

  2. That's funny-- "Empire State of Mind" is constantly playing on my iPod. When the yanks won the World Series the bar played it about 5 times on repeat. New York is a "a concrete jungle that dreams are made of.. ." You'll have to come to NYC for the next SATC movie. It was quite an event last time.