Wednesday, July 11, 2012

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Posting in response to an excellent post by Cattle.Com: Who Killed Wonka?

If you're a twitter addict (like me) chances are you saw the new account that popped up last week called @StockShowWonka. It actually inspired me to write a blog regarding showmanship because Wonka was making fun of so many kids showmanship outfits and styles.

When I first ran across the account, I was in the Jackson, Mississippi airport and I'll admit, I sat there for a good hour or so reading all the original posts and laughing out loud. It was awesome! I mean, who hasn't been soaked at a washrack? And my personal favorite:

I was so into Wonka that I followed, re-tweeted, suggested to all my friends, replied, direct messaged, etc. I thought, this guy is hilarious!!!! My mom and I sat at the dinner table one night and read all the tweets to my dad (not on Twitter) and we laughed so hard our faces hurt. Three people actually emailed me and asked if I knew who it was, which I didn't. But whoever WAS writing this stuff was a comedic genius! I mean, who wouldn't agree with this hilarious post...

As Jeff explains in his blog, the posts soon escalated from being general stock show humor to directly insulting people. I'll admit I felt a little funny when I read Wonka's opinion about Wrangler's being a fashion faux paux...because my husband shows in Wranglers and I think he looks pretty darn good. (I actually replied to them and said hey! My husband wears wranglers!, which their response was "Do those people actually win?")

As Jeff mentions, we can all laugh at general stock show humor but it is NOT RIGHT to make fun of someone because they are a beginner, or maybe not as experienced as you. Which reminds me of one of my favorite quotes I saw recently..."The expert at anything was once the beginner." 

So, I'm on board with, and I personally "un-followed" @StockShowWonka about a week ago because I just didn't agree with the way he was making fun of people. I totally agree with Jeff that if you can't sign your name to something, you shouldn't write it. Thanks Wonka, it was fun while it lasted.

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