Friday, July 20, 2012

Four Oaks Shooting Sports :: Texas

Another new website going up (making this new web site #79 for 2012) this week and it's one that we love!

Four Oaks Shooting Sports is a specially designed training facility located on the famous Mound Creek Brangus Ranch in Leona, Texas.

And just as a side note, I love Mound Creek Ranch! It is owned by my friend Eddie Blazek with lots of help from consultant Tracy Holbert. This duo selected one of my polled Brahman cows for a flush about 10 years ago to start some of their foundation Brangus. I always look forward to seeing them at Houston each year. These guys are great!

So back to Four Oaks Shooting Sports. Currently, someone else does Mound Creek Ranch's website and I always give Eddie a hard time when I see him about why he doesn't get me to do his site since we are friends! So when they needed a new website for this new venture, they finally gave me a chance! :)

We began working with Tracy Holbert initially on this site,which began with logo development for the business. We created the logo you see here with the four oak trees and the rustic look. We felt like this website was designed in a great way to capture the essence of the facility. Four Oaks Shooting Sports is becoming a great training facility since it is located so close to Dallas / Fort Worth, but has all the charm of small town life. The facility has some great bunkhouses, beautiful sunsets, and even serves Brangus steaks straight off the grill!

Though I'm not a shooting sports enthusiasts, it's easy to see that this is a one-of-a-kind facility. I hope you will check it out at and be sure to tell them RHD sent you!

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