Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Project reminders

Just a reminder to everyone that the first part of the year is always extremely busy for those of us in the livestock business. We are now booking projects that are due January 10 and after. If you anticipate needing ads for February, March or April publications, please let us know so that we can put your project into our production schedule.

Also we are currently operating on a 5 week waiting list for new websites, so again if you anticipate needing a website this spring, please go ahead and schedule the project now to assure we have time to do your project.

I always tell my cattle friends....you wouldn't wait until 10 minutes before the show to clip your calf. We need just as much planning to do a good job on your ad as you would to prepare your most prized animal for the show. Please keep these deadlines in mind and email tricia@ranchhousedesigns.com or joelynn@ranchhousedesigns.com to get your projects on our books for 2012.

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