Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Denver Jumbotron and Show Broadcast

Today we're offering a little shout out to our friends at Cattle In Motion and letting our clients (and friends) know about some advertising opportunities during the Denver stock show.

Cattle in Motion will be the official show broadcaster to cover all of the shows live on the Internet. I'm not all up on the details but I believe it is shows, sales, everything. They are offering some wonderful opportunities to get lots of exposure during this big event.

Their first opportunity is banner advertising during the live show broadcasts. They offer a choice of advertising for just specific breeds (i.e. if you're a Charolais breeder, you can buy banner ads only during the Charolais show), or a special price for the whole show.

I have worked with CIM on things like this several times this year. When they broadcast Brahman Junior Nationals I purchased an ad for V8 and for RHD and we got a lot of hits from people clicking on the banner ads while they were watching the show. We got so much exposure, in fact, I made a special deal with CIM for them to do an exclusive show broadcast of another big Brahman show in the summer and offer the banner advertising only to my clients, as a special thanks to the Brahman people who do business with RHD. That also had a great response and people got alot of hits on their sites.

Now the second option is pretty cool too....way cool actually. You know the jumbotron in the yards....well they are also offering ads on that. These ads will be like video type ads and also will play on the jumbotron, at a few of the bars on the grounds and at tv screens throughout the facility. Sign me up for one of those too Tim! :)

So, while this isn't really anything to do with RHD, we did think it is an amazing opportunity to advertise at a great price for the exposure. If you might be interested you can email

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