Wednesday, September 21, 2011

New RHD Site: Midnight Genetics!

Welcome to Midnight Genetics located just south of the red river in Howe, Texas. Though this is only their second year of operation, the genetic base and sow herd has tripled in number and quality. The crew at Midnight Genetics strive to produce hogs with a productive, useful built that will provide the look of quality that no judge can ignore. With recent champion banners coming for the 2011 National Western Stock Show, that quality goes without saying.

Whether you are in the market for hamps, crossbred, yorks, berks or even chesters, let Midnight Genetics help you with you next champion. They breed to farrow their 25 litters for late summer, through September so they are ready for any winter or Texas Major. The herd's genetics are based primarily on Mike Clay genetics and most lines consist of Warfare daughters. But come see for yourself, success can be found with Midnight Genetics!

Click here to visit this site!

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