Tuesday, September 20, 2011

New RHD Site: Circle T Cattle Company

Circle T Cattle Company is proudly owned and operated by three generations of the Thibodeaux Family!

Located in Church Point, Louisiana, they are known as "La place de bons voche"....the place for good cattle! The family are bonded order buyers of calves, yearlings, recipient cows, replacement heifers and stocker calves. They are also proud to raise registered red and grey Brahman cattle. The Thibodeaux family strive to produce cattle that are genetically sound and phenotypically superior. One of our proudest moments was exhibiting the 2011 International Champion Red Brahman Female, CT Lady Rhineaux Ray 8/9.

Circle T Cattle Company functions as family. Every member of the family has their individual responsibilities that join together to make our business a success. Just as the cattle business is a way of life for them so is the Cajun way. This hard-working Cajun heritage is extremely important to the family, especially since only a few generations ago, the Thibodeaux’s still spoke French. These family values and way of life has been passed onto the current generation. From constant prayer to minding their manners, this crew has been a great success both in and out of the ring.

Give them a call or stop by the ranch and see what’s new at Circle T. Check their sale listings page for current cattle listings, and if they can help you in any way, let them know!

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