Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Just noticed some new Facebook security settings

A few nights ago I noticed a few security options on Facebook that I didn't know existed until just recently. Not sure if these are new or not, but regardless, I liked them and found them extremely positive security steps for Facebook to take.

If you go under your "Account" tab (upper right hand corner), choose "Account Settings".
Almost to the bottom, there is a setting that is called "Account Security", click on the link that says "Change"

Under this setting, there are several added measures of security protection that Facebook has added.

First, you can get notified by text or email if a new computer or mobile device logs into your account. Mine was set automatically to "off" but you can change it to "on" and then anytime a new computer logs into your facebook account you will get a notification either by text, email, or both.

Below that, you can see your "Account Activity" and it shows the most recent account activity on your account. This is awesome! I could look at the activity, and though it doesn't say a specific name of who accessed my account, it does show the date, time, and location of who accessed my account (including city and state). I wish it said the name of the hacker, but having the city and state is can give you pretty good insight on who might be accessing your account. It also tells what type of device accessed your account, i.e. a cell phone, a computer, etc as well a the user's operating system, i.e. Vista, Blackberry, etc.

So, if you want this added security and peace of mind, go to your facebook account and make a few easy changes, then you can rest easily knowing that you'll get a text & email anytime someone logs into your account, instantly letting you know if you're getting hacked.

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