Monday, January 10, 2011

Ready to Go, One of a Kind Designs

We are launching a new service line for our web division in 2011: "Ready to Go, One of a Kind Designs" which includes a wide variety of web sites designs that are already designed and ready to be purchased. As with all of our designs, these are totally 100% customized designs, made from scratch by us. The only difference is that these are ready to go right away, instead of having to be placed on our design waiting list.

Here's how the Ready to Go One of a Kind Designs work. We will periodicialy post new designs. If you see one you like, you pick that design and you purchase the exclusive rights to use it. The design will not be available to anyone else.

By choosing one of these ready to go designs, you get a few benefits:

-$100 discount on your design fee
-Bypass the design waiting list, and your site immediately goes into content development

We will make notes on each of the designs about any changes that may be made. For example, if the design features red colors, but you want to change the red to blue, we'll make a note if that is possible.

So, browse around. We'll continually post new designs on our web site and on our Facebook page. To get one of these designs, just e-mail Let her know what design you want, and we'll send you the service agreement. You tell us what pages you want, and we'll go from there!

Here are a few of the choices we have available so far:

"Black and White Forrest"
This would be a nice site for a farm or ranch. Can be customized to fit any # of pages. Red and black color scheme may be modified to fit the 2 colors of clients choice.

"Urban Skyline"

A site that would be good for a client wanting 3 pages with a modern look, perfect for a business in a city or one that caters to an urban clientele. Red color may be changed to any color of the clients choice.

"Vintage Western"Designed for a 3 page site, this would be a good design for a steakhouse, western store, or business that caters to the western clientele. Logo at the top (wooden background with stars) may also be purchased for an additional $100.

To see the complete list of currently available 'Ready to Go, One of a Kind" designs, please visit

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