Sunday, August 29, 2010

Riverbend Labradoodles

If you are an animal lover like all of us at RHD, you’ll enjoy viewing our latest web site, Riverbend Labradoodles. As we were building this site, I wanted to take each of these dogs home with me!

Chad and Kristi Coopshaw have over 20 years of experience in dog breeding and raising and have shared their puppies with families across the country and around the world. Their focus is to protect the health and future of this breed and maintain a breeding program dedicated to quality, not quantity.

Located in the countryside of Northwest Ohio, the Coopshaw’s designed and built their homestead around their love for animals. The puppies live with them, in order for them to provide a loving, healthy environment to help them grow to their full potential. The puppies are continually handled and exposed to every day life and noises in an effort to create a positive social experience.

Visit Riverbend Labradoodles to see their available puppies. And be sure to check out their blog to read about some of their puppies latest antics!

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