Thursday, August 26, 2010

E-mail blasts

If you've got an upcoming sale, take advantage of the RHD E-mail Blast system to help get the word out and remind people of your event. E-mail blast pricing is so affordable, you honestly might not believe the bang for your buck that you can get with this service. Our e-mail list is strictly voluntary and includes over 10,000 names, specifically targetting the cattle business.

If you already have an ad designed, say either we did it for you, or you ran it in another magazine and it's ready to go, the cost is only $150 to send out the email blast for your first blast and then $50 for additional e-mails, like if you wanted to send one out this week and then a follow up the day before your sale.

If you don't have anything at all, we can design it and send it for you for $250.

So let us know if we can help you get one of these going for your event. E-mail to book your blast.

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