Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Ganaderia Flor del Valle

If you’re fluent in Spanish or are feeling up for a challenge and want to see how much you remember from that high school or college Spanish class, check out our newest web site Ganaderia Flor del Valle. It’s a beautiful ranch located in Honduras and the entire web site is in Spanish.

Founded in 1989, the ranch has built an impressive herd of Brahman cattle and has a long list of winners, including recent winners at the Expica 2010 Guatemala.

For more than 20 years Ganaderia Flor del Valle has been committed to serving their clients’ needs and establishing a reputation built on trust and respect.

So brush up on your Spanish and head down south for a visit at the Ganaderia Flor del Valle. Or if you’re one of those individuals who likes to look at the pictures in a book, this web site is for you. They do have some great looking cattle to see.

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