Thursday, October 1, 2009

Lot One Magazine

After being out of the office for a few days, when I got back today I noticed a new magazine on my desk-- Lot One. This magazines is published by my good friend Brad Fahrmeier of I have some very vintage photos of Brad and I when we were both on the American Junior Shorthorn Association board but I'll just keep those to myself! :)

I consider Brad one of my close friends in this business, and he is someone I really respect for having very out of the box ideas and a great business sense. We chat lots of times on MSN messenger to bounce around ideas. So I am happy to be one of the advertisers in this publication.

I thought this magazine was EXCELLENT! It was the perfect mix of ads, of course, but yet filled with interesting artcles and information that any rancher would love to read. This issue is filled with ranch stories, interests, and hobbies of the cattle business. As Brad states in his article,  "It's the one of a kind people, places and cultures that we come across that will be evident in every issue."

I think it's a breath of fresh air to have a publication like this in the cattle business. From stories on how to throw a tailgate party, to a recipe for the "best margarita" to historical articles -- this publication ROCKS.

So I encourage you to look up this magazine. You can subscribe and view the magazine online at or if you join the Live Auctions facebook group you can view it there too. Congratulations to Brad and the Lot One Managing Editor - Marissa Mrozinski on a fabulous job!

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