Thursday, October 15, 2009

Boneso Livestock

For a few years now we have gotten familiar with the Boneso Family because of the success of their children Wes and Maggie. These two young people have had a great track record of success in California, winning the State Fair steer show and several other prospects shows in the past few years.

So now we are very happy to launch the new web site for Boneso Livestock, which is owned and operated by Steve, Mary Ann, Wes and Maggie. The Boneso family is from San Miguel, California.

They will be hosting a private treaty sale on October 17 at their farm in San Miguel, California. This sale will feature a select group out of donor cows hand-picked for the Boneso's by Blaine Rodgers and Nick Reimann. After very successful show careers, the cows went into production at their farm and raised top show prospects that will be sold at the sale.

You'll also recognize the Walks on Water sire, who was a display bull in Denver 2009. This is a Heat Wave son.

So we hope you will visit and check out the sale information and donors in this great west-coast program.

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