Wednesday, August 13, 2008

School Bells Ring in 12 Days

Technically it's 12 days and about 18 hours, but who's counting? School starts for most schools in Texas August 25. And it's time. In fact, it may be past time. This is the first year for a long while that school hasn't started in the middle of August. I was one of those parents who thought starting later in the month was a good idea. Now, I'm not so sure.

My younger kids are bored. My oldest daughter is in athletics so in reality her summer ended two weeks ago and my oldest son will be a senior. "Hurry up and get this over with" is his attitude. One of his many attitudes.

And now school won't be out until June. I'm betting the month of May is going to drag by ever so slowly.

I'm sure that we will adjust. A few years from now this will be the norm -- school starts in late August, school finishes up in early June. About the time students, parents and teachers condition themselves to this routine, our legislator will, no doubt, take it upon themselves to tweak the system once again.

At least when school starts my kids can't call me 27 times a day with their random questions. Like what can I eat for lunch or do you know where my tennis shoes are?

On the other hand, I'll missing having our college students here at the office around. While they're taking classes, their work schedule and my work schedule don't often overlap, so we don't see each other much. It's been fun being around them this summer and getting to know them better.

And once summer ends, it will be time for football! Followed closely by Thanksgiving, then Christmas, then Spring Break, then it will be summer again -- yea!

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