Friday, July 18, 2008

Our first Texas Music client...

Last week we got to work on a pretty exciting project, for an up-and-coming Texas Music artist - Brandon Dobbs. I'm betting that within 5 minutes of reading this post that my friends Shane & Gretchen Richey will find him on iTunes and download his music.....since they seem to know more about the latest Texas Music Artists than me, and they live in Indiana :)

So back to my story, I met Brandon back while we were both at Texas A&M in the animal science department. Brandon (or "Dobber" as we called him) transferred to A&M our junior year to be on the livestock judging team. We were both in Block and Bridle together, and spents lots of time together in the fun-loving town of College Station, whether it be working at the Saddle & Sirloin Show Futurities, dancing at the Hall of Fame, or hanging out in the Rolling Ridge Trailer Park where myself, Dobber, and all the "COOL KIDS" lived at that time.

Of all the times I spent hanging out with Dobber in college, never once did I hear him sing or play guitar. And trust me, there were LOTS of opportunities for this, such as our weekly Karaoke nights at the Kolle's house where I distinctly remember lots of singing by myself and Cassie to anything and everything sung by Cher, and the most memorable song -- Ralph Stokely singing Sweet Child of Mine. Did I mention most of this was occuring sometime between the hours of 1:00 a.m. to 3:00 a.m??

Last year at the Texas A&M/Tech football game weekend, which also coincidentally was the "reunion" of the Habanero Hotties (me, Cassie, Tara, Kim, and Anne) 1st Place Chilifest Team....I ran into Brandon and we started talking about his music. He picked up singing and songwriting after college, and he has really taken off lately. Last week, he hired us design his ad that would be in the Lone Star Music catalog, and also some promotional posters to use around town where he can write the dates of his upcoming shows. I was totally excited to do it - since I'm a huge fan of Brandon's and also I've never done anything in the music industry.

If you like to be in the know of Texas artists, check out Brandon Dobbs on iTunes or also on myspace at My favorite songs he sings is Boomtown, Outside of My Mind, and the title song on the album Time Will Tell.

And, keep in mind this famous person is just like a lot of us -- grew up showing and judging livestock, was a normal, down to earth, good ol' guy in Aggieland, and how he's making it as a Texas music singer!

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