Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Great Plains Swine Management is Online!

Great Plains Management was formed in 1997 to provide management to set up, and maintain, network formed sow operations. Jan Hueber, who is our client for his families cattle operation website, came to us to promote their production management operation, which currently has direct and indirect contact with over 30,000 sows.

Picture of an operation this is up and running!

They assist with building new farms or resume management of existing farms, securing, training and managing a labor force, providing cash flow projection assistance, establishing accurate production records, establishing production goals, nutrition assistance, pig flow management, accounting, and assistance with pig sales and contracts. If you are in the market for any of this work, simply contact them through their website and get started in the right direction.

Not only do they do all of that list, but they do it in a way tailored to the individual business and their needs. The utilize current technologies, stay on top with proven management practices. Their staff has been in the swine industry for years and they are always looking to grow it. Check out their to see if you are right for them. They have a page dedicated to taking applications. How handy is that?!?!

Friday, July 12, 2013

July 12 Give-A-Way WInners!

Congratulations to this week's t-shirt give-a-way winners! This week's giveaway was 40 t-shirts! We have 2 new cool designs coming for this summer so keep your eye out in the RHD store!

Amanda Chiarantona AL
Amy Burris IN
anna ganhs WI
Aubrey Ganhs WI
Barb Dygert NY
Becky Betts OH
bonnie gundry WI
Cassie Riggs MI
davin ganhs WI
Hayden Kuhn IL
Holly  Sigler FL
jerry siegler WI
jobeth mills CO
jobeth mills CO
Josey Miller TN
Julie Petri TX
Karin Schnitt IA
Katie Stewart IL
Kim Ebie OH
Kim Ebie OH
Kim Ebie OH
kirby dygert NY
Krista Carter NE
Laura Kwilos NY
marleen siegler WI
Morgan Wiswell WI
Peyton  Schmitt IA
Ron Schmitt IA
Rose Martinez TX
Shannon Hackett MN
Sheena Young IL
summer banks GA
Taylor Wierzbowski NY
tricia bennett IL

Monday, July 8, 2013

LNL Cattle website gets a new look!

This Lindsey, Okla. based partnership operation is a client of ours who called and decided they wanted to spruce up their website and we did a re-do on it. If you are an existing client, don't hesitate to do the same thing.

Eddie and Charlotte Lowe teamed up with Tom and Terey Wisdom in 2007 to put together a superior set of club calves for young people to purchase. They also create replacement females and bulls that will help accelerate any herd.

Their address may be Lindsey, Okla., but they really live in a rural, small community south of Lindsey. Situated in Purdy, Okla. on a ranch purchased in the 1920's by Charlotte's grandfather, it has been production show cattle since the 1930's.

LnL cattle welcome you to visit them any time. You can head out there and see their donor female, Sure As Sugar, working in their ET Program. She was acquired in the 2007 Exposure sale and embryos are offered annual in the "Embryos on Snow" sale at the National Western. If you can't make the trip to their place, they have a video of her on their site. They also utilize their website to show videos of sale calves and promote their winners.

Sure as Sugar, out of Meyer 734
Visit LnL Cattle at or send them an e-mail at