Friday, June 28, 2013

Proud to Be A Rancher Give-A-Way Winners

This Friday's give-a-way was our new shirt featuring 'Proud to be an american rancher". If you didn't win one, you can buy them for $10 here:

Here are the winners!

Kaylee Stein ND
Margaret Berger TX
Brittany  Martindale TX
Sheena Young IL
Megan Carter TX
Abbie Grzegorzewski  NY
Tonia Pohlmeyer TX
Jennifer Vollmer OH
Marijane Miller IN
Jeremie Siegler WI
William Luna CO
Michaela Buford TX
Stefan Tucker TX
Samantha Kniep WI
Randy Schultz WI
Merri Cory IA
Diana Beckius WI
Deanna  Drew IL
Tracie Rajek WI
Morgan Wiswell WI
Anna Ganhs WI
Bruce Petow CT
Tracy Carden TN
Klint Sickler ND
Shelbie Belott TX
Marleen Siegler WI
Marleen Siegler WI
Sloan Witherow GA
Savannah Siegler WI
Eddie Jarboe TN
Eddie Jarboe TN
Kim Sullivan  AL
Jill Kolb TX
Loretta Macfee NE
Sara Pieper IL

Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday Give-A-Way Winners - Happy Show Moms!

Congratulations to these friends for being winners of our Friday Give-A-Way! These are are winners of our Happy Show Moms give-a-way!

Winners were from 22 different states! How awesome is that....

Greg Abruzzino,  SC
Eric Baalman,   KS
summer banks,  GA
Diana Beckius, WI
Vickie  Blankenship, VA
Darcy Boyce, TX
Amy Burris, IN
Krista Carter,  NE
Gretchen Dixon,  TX
Kim Ebie, OH
Tara Fountain, MO
Jackie Fratz, MD
Christina Giglotti,  TX
Shaun Grau, IA
Karen Hampton, IN
Melanie Hulmes,  IL
Laura Kwilos,  NY
Jill Larson,  MN
Rachel Lawhorn, OK
Vickie  Linville, NC
Jamie  Mayer,  TX
Chrystal McConkey,  TN
Leanne McGee,   MS
William Miller,  NE
Krista Moore,  TX
Cristina  Nino,  TX
Monette Sanders, TX
Ronda Sigel, PA
Holly  Sigler,  FL
L'nette Stein,  ND
Melanie Sterling,  AR
Jennifer Vollmer, OH
Tucker wagner, MS
tracy yandell,  OK

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Jamie Bloomberg Named RHD's Seedstock Account Manager

June 20, 2013

Contact: Rachel Cutrer,

Jamie Bloomberg named Ranch House Designs, Inc., Seedstock Account Manager

WHARTON, Texas – Ranch House Designs, Inc., announced that Jamie Bloomberg has been named Seedstock Account Manager. Bloomberg will serve as the director of the company’s new Seedstock Marketing Team, which is composed of President and Creative Director, Rachel Cutrer, and Special Projects Coordinator, KC Kinder. The Seedstock Marketing Team serves to provide outstanding service to Ranch House Design’s clients with large purebred cattle operations.

Bloomberg is a graduate of Oklahoma State University, where she received her bachelor’s of science in Animal Science with a minor in Agricultural Business in May 2013. Bloomberg was responsible for customer relations at Bloomberg Cattle Company, where she raised and showed over 100 head of primarily Simmental Cattle. Additionally, she has received numerous awards for her skills in livestock judging, including outstanding judge on OSU’s National Champion Livestock Judging Team and the Reserve National Champion Livestock Judge, both in 2012.

“Jamie Bloomberg is a phenomenal addition to the RHD Team and I am so excited she is going to be directing our new RHD Seedstock Marketing Team,” says Cutrer, “Much like me, Jamie grew up in the purebred cattle business and is extremely familiar with what it takes to have a successful purebred marketing campaign. Her background in showing purebred beef cattle and the OSU Livestock Judging Team are tremendous. She has all of the talents we look for in being able to offer high-end service to our purebred seedstock clients.”

About Ranch House Designs, Inc.
Ranch House Designs, Inc., (, is a full service graphic design and web design agency located in Wharton, Texas that serves thousands of clients internationally. The agency operates under two divisions: web and print, each serving clients to maximize their advertising potential. Ranch House Designs, Inc., has received the Aggie 100 award five consecutive years (2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012) as well as winning more than 40 national design awards.


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

RHD Advertising Challenge

Calling all budding designers, ages 8-21!! Do you dream of becoming a designer, photographer, or writer? Get your computers ready and enter our Advertising Challenge by July 1.

We have five (5) separate categories, but you may enter them ALL if you wish. They are: photography, essay, creative writing, livestock ad design and logo design. All entries need to be sent to Rachel,, by the July 1 deadline.

If you are in 4-H, FFA or any national breed association, you are eligible to send in your work. The judging process will include professionals, social media voting and RHD staff judges. Entering your work gives your consent to allow us to put your work on out in the social media world, so be prepared to promote yourself:)

Love the camera? Then take you own photos, from 2012 to recent, that focus on farm life and send them to us. We want to help boost your creativity! Send up to 3 pictures that fit this challenge.

Budding writers should enter their works, less than 1000 words, about the livestock industry. Think human interest, editorial or fiction: not educational or research type articles. These can be e-mailed as a Word Document or a PDF, with a cover letter including name, age and title, and be simple set up of double spacing, 12 point font. So, pretend you have been hired to write an article for magazines like the Show Circuit or Showbox!

The essay challenge will have two divisions and entries should not exceed 1,500 words. The junior division, ages 8-14, should address this topic: Do you think being active on social media is a good decision or a bad decision? What advice do you have to others in terms of what is appropriate posts for social media for a responsible young person?

The senior division should address this one: What do you feel is the role of land-grant institutions in today’s society? How has this changed, if any, from the original land-grant mission?

As with any type of writing, grammar, punctuation and all spelling will play a factor in the judging process. Spell check is your friend here.

Graphic design skills will be judged and our hope is to help enhance entrants skills. They may either be digitally done or hand created, and promoting YOUR operation. Send us your color, or black and white, 8.5 by 11 inch entries. Logos may be any size, however and focusing on the Tennessee River Music information on our website. We detail all the pieces that need to be included in the logo- Don't leave any out.

Check out our website for more details.


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Keystone Shorthorns:: Elk Grove, California

   Keystone Shorthorns is a new web site we launched recently. Located in beautiful Elk Grove, California, this family has been striving to create a genetic and production oriented herd since the early 70's. As a FFA member looking for a project, they were just looking for one animal, but they have stayed in the Shorthorn business on their West coast ranch ever since.

   College graduation turned into a job as a high school ag educator who loved viewing cattle at shows, learning about EPD's and focusing on quality. Keystone has developed a foundation herd of Shorthorns that are sound, high performing and low birth. They include  high powered genetics that they have carefully selected from top Shorthorn breeders nationwide. They feel these genetics offer the proven pedigrees and outstanding phenotype to improve our herd.

   Take a minute to look into their herd! Visit for your next winner.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A Cattle Girl Takes on the Swine Industry

Seeing all these posts about World Pork Expo going on this week sure makes me sentimental...

Probably a little known fact amongst my cattle friends is that one of my first jobs (an internship) and my first communications project was working for the National Pork Producers Council to develop the educational curriculum and training for the Youth Pork Quality Assurance Program.

I have always been a cattle girl. Never in a million years would I picture myself working in the swine industry, or doing anything really related to a pig.

When I was a sophomore in college at Texas A&M, I had one of those great opportunities where you get to step out of your comfort zone...and that ends up making you a better person in the long run.

When I worked as a student worker at TExas A&M, everyone in the department knew I had a thing for communications, writing and design...even though I was an animal science major. I worked in the Extension Animal Science office and our swine specialist, Dr. Jodi Sterle, offered me an opportunity to take on a communications project with her focusing on Pork Quality Assurance.

I remember telling her -- I know NOTHING about pigs! She assured me...she could handle the technical stuff about the pigs if I could handle the design and writing. So we teamed up, and it became one of the most rewarding experiences of my college career...opened many doors...and ultimately helped put me in a position to be the professional I am today.

I started out the project by getting a $500 scholarship from Texas Pork Producers Association to work on the project. Dr. Sterle and I created the youth program based on the adult PQA program, except adapting it to young people. We totally created the curriculum from the lesson plans, to activities, to the training materials and everything else you could imagine. We made the program fun -- crossword puzzles, word searches, hands on activities, all things that a kid would enjoy. One of my favorite activities we came up with was the injection site demonstration -- where we practiced giving injections on different fruits, then cut open the fruit to see what it looked like on the inside. We were so creative :)

Once the program was finished, Texas Pork Producers offered me another scholarship to keep working with the program. Dr. Sterle and I had the opportunity to go to several meetings and conduct "Train the Trainer" programs. For a young college student, it was awesome flying across Texas to put on these programs. Little did I know that at the time I was gaining valuable public speaking skills, and gaining travel experience as well, and making lots of connections.

After a year, the Texas program was getting lots of attention, and National Pork Producers came to us and wanted to take our Texas program and implement it nationwide! This meant another scholarship for me...$1500 a semester this time! It also meant trips to Des Moines, and meeting with the high level officials of NPPC to develop the program. Again....I didn't realize it at the time, but I was learning how to handle corporate meetings, client presentations, and working in a team.

After about a year of working with NPPC, the program was approved. Pork producers asked Dr. Sterle and I to come to World Pork Expo to present the program as it's official launch. Again, a free trip to Indianapolis (where it was at that time) and another scholarship as a WPX intern.

I will never forget how excited I was to see MY NAME as the author of this great educational program.

After the success of the PQA program, naturally I wanted to take this experience and apply it to beef cattle. Because of this experience -- and others -- I was able to get a job at Michigan State with the Michigan Cattlemen's Association working on the Five State Beef Initiative and help with their BQA Training. I got to meet the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture, and I was able to earn more than $10,000 in scholarships.

Just for fun, I googled "Youth PQA Program" today and found that the program is still alive and well and still using most all of the materials Dr. Sterle and I created! What an honor!!!

All in all, it was my first complete marketing and communications program. It laid the foundation for my career today. And all because this Texas cattle girl was willing to step outside of the box and do something different!