Monday, September 24, 2012

RHD Scholars Program

Last week we came up with a new idea as just one more way RHD can help contribute to giving back to the industry....The RHD Scholars program.

You can check out all the details here:

But basically, the program is a nationwide mentorship program designed to help build future leaders in livestock advertising and marketing. Who should apply?

1) College students who have ever said "I wish I could work for RHD"
2) College students who have ever said "I wish I could start a business like RHD"
3) College students who want to be livestock photographers
4) College students who want to work for a breed association
5) College students who'd like to be advertising designers or web designers
6) College students who'd like to work as a sale consultant or livestock consultant
7) College students who'd like to work for a magazine, design agency, PR firm, etc.

We are going to go through all applications to the program (as of writing this blog we have about 35 applications from students across the USA) and we are going to select 20 students. Then basically we are taking these students under our wing for the school year and beyond.

We will work with them in the areas of design, marketing, photography, journalism, social media, and more.

We will be scheduling RHD Scholars events at Kansas City, Louisville, Denver, Fort Worth, Houston and other big livestock industry events. We are also working the logistics of possibly doing a special RHD Scholars event where all of the group will come to our headquarters in Texas for a special RHD Scholars conference.

Basically we will team each of the scholars up with various members of our staff as well as industry contacts who share their same professional goals. And wow do we have some awesome industry mentors lined up!!! Just a few of our industry mentors include Martha Garrett, Julie French, Jeremy Haag, Luke Bowman, Brooke Bennett, Jim Williams, Wade Fischer, Crystal Blin, and many more! The scholars will be able to call upon their mentors for career advice, networking, and critiques.

The elite group of RHD Scholars will also be recognized and promoted on the RHD website and have access to industry job postings and scholarship announcements.

The application process is super easy, you can get it here: It's not meant to be a huge ominious application just a way for us to get to know the applicants and their career needs.

Applications are due September 31st, so check it out!

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