Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Donor Solutions new look!

We are pleased to announce one of our newest web sites, Donor Solutions. It is always nice to work with a cattle client, but this site is something really special. Not only it is a great design, but it is run by the wonderful Brian Hannon and his family.

Donor Solutions was formed in 2007 with a vision of caring for and managing the production of donor cows from many different customers in multiple states.  They take care of these high quality cows and their eggs. Brian and his crew care for these mommas as if they were their very own. The Donor Solution facility is a one of find comfortable place for host donors. The girls receive the top level of nutrition, mineral intake and environment in order to ensure maximum production.

In the past few years, Donor Solutions has flushed on average about 350 to 400 cows per year. They work with some of the best cows and the best people in the country. This has led the crew to developing their own set of quality donor cows.

 The site highlights Donor Solutions services, featured donor mommas and customer spotlight and success. If you are interested in working with the crew, contact Brian, Emily and Mason and see what this unique program can do for you!

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