Monday, November 28, 2011

Best of the Barns "Too Close to Calls"

With just a few days left in our 2011 Best of the Barns voting, we have about 14 categories that are literally just too close to call!! In these categories, there are less than 20 votes separating the contestants! So I know you have an opinion on who the best of these are....go vote!

A few reminders, you don't have to vote for every category, you can just pick the ones that are important to you.

You DO however have to enter your email address, and your vote only counts once per email address. Yes, we do have some people who are trying to spam and vote for themselves 100 times. This is the only fair way to do it. If you don't provide an email address, your vote doesn't count.

Here are the categories that are in a dead heat:

  • Best Cattle Blog (Question 5)
  • Best Ranch Facebook Page (Question 6)
  • Best Ranch Website (Question 9)
  • Best Sale Catalog (Question 12)
  • Best Online Auction Service (Question 26)
  • Best University Animal Science Program (Question 29)
  • Best University Livestock Judging Program (Question 31)
  • Best Feed Supplier (Question 35)
  • Best Show Awards (Question 37)
  • Best On Farm Photographer (Question 40)
  • Best Educational Clinic (Question 45)
  • Best Video Production Company (Question 47)
  • Best Boar Stud (Question 48)
  • Best Sheep Magazine (Question 53)
Go to to vote!

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