Thursday, June 16, 2011


We're always on the lookout for new services we can offer our clients to help give their businesses the extra edge over others. Here is one of our products...STICKERS! These are great for all kinds of projects, and they are VERY affordable and come in bulk.

We can do all kinds of sizes depending on how big or small you need the stickers to be. If you have a retail business that does a lot of shipping -- you need some stickers! This little touch adds a lot of pizzazz to your gift wrapping....just wrap your products in colorful tissue paper then fasten with a sticker like this and you're looking good.

These stickers are also great for things like product labels, wine labels, decals and more. There is no limit to our imagination so let us help you do something cool.

As always if you'd like some info on this, just email our lovely project manager, or our "retail product specialist" Christa -

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