Friday, June 17, 2011

Cattlemen's Pocket Cards

Here's another recent addition to the RHD products....Cattlemen's Pocket Cards.

Now I should back up by saying that these really aren't "NEW"....but we'll call them new because we just started offering them to the public. Prior to today, we were designing them on a limited basis for our special friends and family.

My granddad has been using these pocket cards for probably 50 years, and he can't function on a daily basis without his "Wharton Livestock Auction" pocket card. I bet he uses 1000 a year from Billy Schwertner.

So I started printing some that say V8 Ranch for my dad a while back, and even got all the men on V8 Ranch these as a gift a while back.

Then last week while Travis Pembrook was down making his usual inspection of the V8 Shorthorn herd, he asked me if I would make some for him, since he loves my Dad's cards so much.

So here they are. These cards are black and white, fit perfectly in your front shirt pocket, and are on a heavier card stock type paper so they are great for jotting down notes in the cow pens.

We can do these for $150 for a set of 1000 cards....which should last a while unless you have someone like Sloan Williams who takes your cards. But with that said....these pocket cards make a great promo give-a-way because I promise you cattlemen will use these!

You can personalize the cards with anything you'd like, logo, name, address, phone #, web sites, etc. Call 979-532-9141 or email if you want some.

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