Wednesday, May 18, 2011

By Appointment Only

You might notice that we have changed our hours of operation to say that our office visits are by appointment only now. Before all of our critics who like to say we don't take phone calls take it a step further and now say we don't take office visits....I thought we should say why we're operating by appointment only now.

Ever heard the song "In the Ghetto?"

Despite the fact that Wharton, Texas is like one of your sweetest down home towns you'll ever find, we have recently had some problems with vandalism and hood rats. Christa had a  big scare a few months ago when someone busted in her office door that stays locked all the time. Then we had a homeless person sleeping behind our office. If you check our facebook you know that we had another homeless person using the restroom in our flower bed. Then last night we had an attempted burglary.

Thank goodness for ADT Security. Scared the perpetrator off before he stole anything.

Anyway, we are more than happy to have people visit our office, but for a while, we're going to keep our doors locked during the day too, just to be safe. So just give us a call at 979-532-9141 anytime and we'll be happy to come unlock the door for you.

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