Friday, December 31, 2010

What a month for the updates division!

This is a FIRST in the 11-year history of RHD!

In the month of December, we did 274 updates to our client's web sites. EVERY SINGLE update done in the month of December was done on the same day that the client requested it. And, to even add to the level of customer service, this was done with only 2/3 of our web division working ha ha...since Carole is out on maternity leave.

So many of our clients comment how much they enjoy working with Christa, Jessica and Carole in the web division. These three ladies make it their personal goal to do each and every update with accuracy, speed, and their own personal touch. They take so much pride in doing a good job for our clients.

As you know, we make customer service a priority here. We feel much of our success is the fact that we are top designers, but we do it with a friendly attitude, high level of service, and the "customer is always right mentality."

Watch for more info on our updates report for 2010 and our "guess the updates" contest coming soon.

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