Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Best of the Barns 2010 Awards

We are really excited to announce a new, fun project being produced by RHD....BEST OF THE BARNS! The Best of the Barns Awards is an online contest where YOU get to vote for your favorite products, services, hobbies, and anything else livestock related.

Here's how it works.... Each year we will be hosting the Best of the Barns awards program. This year there are 30 categories ranging from Livestock Friend of the Year to Best Way to Kill Time at the Barn. The questions are tailored to the national livestock show industry, but most of the focus is on cattle and hogs.

For the first year, we determined the categories from a consensus of our expert consultant panel, who helped us create the categories and questions. So, if we missed something, feel free to write it in. For future years, we'll be happy to add any categories or responses that our fans suggest.

So here's how you vote! In the style of modern reality shows, you can vote a few times. First, you can complete the entire survey at once by visiting and clicking on the online survey link. Only one response per computer.  We will also have voting going on daily at the RHD facebook page. Each day we will post one of the categories and our fans can "LIKE" the choice they want to vote for.

Voting is open December 1-31. Results will be tabulated and announced in January. The winners in 2010 will receive a winners media kit including logos and other tools to use in their marketing campaigns.

So feel free to share the news with your friends and let's honor those who are the BEST OF THE BARNS in 2010!

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  1. RHD once again thinks outside the box! Thanks so much for the nominations. I love how agriculture has really embraced social media to tell our story and market our products.