Monday, June 28, 2010

Tax Exempt Forms

Recently many of our customers have gotten an email or a letter from us asking to complete a Tax Exempt form for us to keep on our files. Here's a little background on that. Trust us, we wish we didn't have to be dealing with this either!

Our accountant recently informed us of some changes in the sales tax code that require even non-tangible service providers to charge tax. Before, we didn't have to charge tax because what we were providing was a service that you really can't touch or pick up or put in a bag and carry out of a store.

However, after speaking with the State Comptroller in Texas...yes, that's right, we went straight to the top, we found out that yes, we are required to charge sales tax for the graphic design and web design services. Some people say, we'll I've never been charged for this by anyone else who's done ad work for me before....well, get ready.

So, here is the good news. The only clients that we are required to charge sales tax to are those residents of Texas. So far all of you non-Texans (I feel so sorry for you...not everyone can live in the Lone Star State), you're fine. You don't have to send in anything.

For all of you is what we need. Most all of our clients are in the agricultural industry, so you are well aware that you can file an ag exemption for sales tax. All we need you to do is send in that form so we can have it on file, and then we won't be required to charge you sales tax.

And, for those of our clients who are in Texas and not in ag, well, we have to start charging you the sales tax.

If you need the form, it is right here:

Just fill that out and fax it back to us so we can make sure we have all of our records on the up and up. THANKS!!!!

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