Tuesday, April 27, 2010

RB2 Showpigs

Many people experience an empty nest syndrome once they have their children out of the house. For Bobby Balser, owner of RB2 Showpigs, his syndrome was of the swine variety.

“In 2000, both of my children had graduated from high school and gone off to college,” he said. “The hog barn was empty, leaving me with an empty barn syndrome.”

So he decided to start raising a few show pigs. Now 10 years later, they have enjoyed great success and their hog breeding operation has grown. Bobby and wife Debbie handle the daily operations on the farm, and rely on their children for boar research and selection, as well as the health and nutrition aspects.

Check out their web site, RB2 Showpigs, to see the breeding stock they have available and their recent winners. They have sales scheduled throughout the fall, so be sure and check their site for dates and locations.

Bobby is always happy to meet with customers at the barn, but he recommends you call ahead. In addition to his swine operation, he also owns an automotive business in Kerrville.

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