Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Club Calf Special...It's BACK!

In the early days of RHD, we offered a service called the "Club Calf Special" which was basically a package deal that included everything a club calf breeder would need to start a successful marketing campaign. Breeders like Graves Cattle in Missouri, Abney Family Cattle in Wisconsin, Riley Farms in Missour, and many many more used the club calf special to take advantage of this to step up their marketing program efforts.

With the club calf sale season and State Fairs just around the corner, we're bringing back the "CLUB CALF SPECIAL" option for our cattle clients. And well, actually, this would work for any livestock client, not just cattle.

The Club Calf Special is priced at $1,000. Here is what you get:

  • Logo design for your operation
  • 1 page web site for one full year, including your own domain name, hosting, unlimited photos and unlimited text and photo updates.
  • 1 page ad design that can be used anytime within the year...most people will use it in August for their sale.
  • 250 business cards designed, printed and shipped to you. Use these to hand out at your sale and throughout the rest of the year.
That is the basic package. For those who might need a 2 page ad design, or maybe a web site with 3 pages (home, cattle for sale, winners), you can still take advantage of the basic pricing and just upgrade on these options at the normal price.

So maybe you've been a fan of RHD for years, but never thought you could afford to hire us. Here is the package deal for you! If this sounds good to you, book our Club Calf Special now! Call us at 979-532-9141 or e-mail and let's get started on it!

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