Thursday, March 18, 2010

Strait Ranches

Yancey Strait, owner of Strait Ranches, was a classmate of Rachel’s at Texas A&M. He sat by her in Math 141 and made an A, while Rachel made a D. He soon became her tutor and helped her out in all those math and economics classes she was forced to take. Fortunately Yancey knew Ranch House Designs had an industry-wide reputation for designing outstanding web sites, so when he was ready, he booked his web site with RHD.

The Santa Gertrudis cow has been the backbone of Strait Ranches for almost 60 years. They continue to raise Santa Gertrudis and Santa Gertrudis influenced cattle because the cattle can withstand the ups and downs of South Texas pasture conditions. Strait Ranches relies on the breed’s ability to reproduce in less than favorable conditions and produce calves that grow out fast; they strive to raise bulls that can produce superb replacement females and top gaining steer calves.

In an effort to continuously improve their operation and sale offerings, 75% of their mature cows are artificially inseminated each year. The goal at Strait Ranches is to raise functional, fertile and efficient cattle.

Cattle are available for sale all times at the ranch, located in Carrizo Springs. Please contact Yancey to check current availability.

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