Friday, December 18, 2009

Thunderbrook Farms

We are happy to introduce another new web site, Thunderbrook Farms of Nova Scotia Canada.  Thunderbrook Farms is a fifth generation farm owned and operated by Brian and Joan Trueman and their family. Located in Amherst, Nova Scotia, Canada, their operation includes blueberries, lumber and a British based cow herd, half of which are commercial females and half of which are purebred Herefords.

The Trueman family is a part of our growing RHD international client base. With the ease of communication over e-mail, RHD has been able to serve livestock producers and clients worldwide, with clients in all of North America (Canada, US, Mexico), Australia, and several South American and Central American countries. We love an opportunity to work with international clients and learn more about the agricultural enterprises in these different locations.

Though we'll probably never actually get to meet the Trueman's face to face, I have no doubt that if we did get the chance to meet....we would be friends. Their life seems to revolve around agriculture, just like so many of us at RHD and so many of our blog readers. According to the Trueman's, "Over a cup of coffee or around the dinner table, there are always discussions about cattle. Our life like most cattle people has four seasons including calving, breeding, showing and sale season."

Sounds like my kinda- people!

I hope you will take a minute and visit and learn more about this really neat farming operation in Canada, and a great livestock family.

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