Monday, December 21, 2009

Good advice on partnerships

RHD client Cari Rincker of Rincker Law, PLLC recently posted a great blog that addresses some considerations for partnerships. I felt this was especially important to re-post during this time of year when so many of our clients are entering into partnerships on new bulls for 2010.

Cari and I were classmates at Texas A&M, and Cari's law firm focuses on agricultural law. I hope that everyone who is involved in a partnership or who is considering a partnership will take a moment to read her blog, available at:

Here is a preview of her blog....
"Whether it is a partnership for a flush cow, a boar or a bull that is in a stud, or a family-owned agriculture enterprise, you are encouraged to get a partnership agreement in writing. Even if you are going into business with someone you know and trust, a handshake won’t protect you if unexpected things go wrong...." READ THE ENTIRE BLOG HERE.

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  1. Thanks for the mention, Rachel. I'm a big believer that livestock producers need to get contracts and partnership agreements in writing.