Monday, July 6, 2009

June Web Updates Report

Just when we think our web site updates reports can't get any better -- the ladies of our web division continue to raise the bar!

For the month of June, we are happy to report that 99% of all web updates were completed on a SAME DAY turnaround. The average web update was completed within 1 hour of our clients requesting their update!

Great results like this are due to the excellent customer service and teamwork here at RHD. When web updates come in, we know you want your work done as fast as possible. This month, everyone on the RHD staff worked on web updates - and we have added two new members to our updates team (Dollie and Emily).

As always, we do want to remind you that our GUARANTEE is a 5 day turnaround on web updates, however for the past two years we have always EXCEEDED that guarantee with an average of a half-day turnaround.

This month's winners for most web updates are.....

Grand Champion June Updater: Matt Lautner

We had a 4 way tie for Reserve.....
Bauman Cattle
Beefmaster Breeder's United
Illinois Club Pig Assn
Washington County Fair

Other honorable mentions doing a great job of sending in web updates are:
Adam White
Effective Stockmanship
Grumbles Performance Horses
Brad Hanewich

So to all our clients keep sending in your updates -- and we'll do our best to get them cranked out for you as fast as possible.

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