Tuesday, April 7, 2009

March Updates Top 5

RHD Statistician Luann Williams proudly announces our TOP 5 Most Frequent Updaters for the month of March! Check out these sites and see all their news items!

American International Charolais Assn. - 14 updates in March
American Brahman Breeders Assn. - 11 updates in March

Of course, you would expect breed associations to be updating this frequently since both of these groups have lots of activities and programs going on.

Here are our top breeder web site updaters for March. Spring sales are keeping everyone busy with their sites by adding new photos and information!

GKB Cattle - 12 updates
Lautner Farms - 9 updates
Hudec Cattle - 7 updates
Matt Lautner Cattle - 6 updates

If you ask these clients they'll tell you that they get the best response and results from their web site when they update it with new information. People love seeing new photos and reading new text. So just a reminder to take some time to look over your web site, and let us know if there is anything that can be added, updated, or freshened up.

Oh, and for whoever the idiot was on SteerPlanet who posted that RHD only updates web sites on Sundays and on the weekend, you'll like this little bit of info. # of updates done in March: 212. Average turnaround time - 3 hours.


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