Thursday, October 23, 2008

McMonopoly Baby!

Anyone who appreciates the fast service of a drive thru is all too aware of the latest craze. McDonald's Monopoly! Just like the traditional game this diet friendly version has the RHD office in a frenzy. Our fearless leader Rachel has the official game board with the pieces tucked in their respective pockets. This game board is placed in a safe at the end of each day. Why you may ask? Well, it is because we are not taking this series lightly and utilizing all of our resources.

First, Ranch House Designs has locations in Wharton and College Station. Although both in Texas we have got different pieces from each. Not too far from Texas is Arkansas, a state that Rachel has been visiting often. Again the potential for other pieces is growing. However, perhaps the greatest tool to our winning the million is me and the Texas A&M Livestock Judging Team.
Anyone who knows about collegiate judging realizes that we are on the road more than we are on campus. As our season starts to wrap up, we have two contests that are at great distances away. This next Tuesday we are leaving for Kansas City, Missouri in a van! What does that mean? Lots of opportunity to gain pieces from different states. Also, my family is from Indiana and they are aware of the pieces that we are missing and have been dispatched to track down the stragglers.

Once we win the big bucks and retire from advertising, I will make sure that we remember all of the little people (or big people since we are eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner at Micky D's, see Tight Fittin' Khakis) who helped us get to that beach house in the Caribbean with servants. Our competitiveness towards this game has reached such heights that we know how many pieces we will get before they even hand us the bag from the window. For example, 4 hash browns, 2 large cokes, and a chicken sandwich yield 14 game pieces and one $100,000 code that must be entered online.

So if anyone has some McDonald's Monopoly pieces sitting at the bottom of their cup holder in their car or mixed in the change cup, please send them our way!

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