Monday, October 7, 2013

By Popular Demand: The Art of the Mix CD's...

A few weeks ago, I posted a facebook status stating that I had recently found an old Mix CD, and that I wondered how teenages or college students these days formed new relationships (or broke up with someone) without the assistance from a strategically mixed "Mix CD".

For you young people....a Mix CD....which was preceeded by the "Mix Cassette Tape" is a personalized collection of all of your favorite tunes....prior to the iTunes playlist. And let me say, as you can see from the comments to the left, I have a reputation as quite a Mix CD DJ.

To put it in perspective, chances are you have a Mix CD from me if you have ever gone on a road trip with me, dated me or any of my closest 5 girlfriends, or attended an event I hosted prior to 2008. One of our college traditions was to make a "Mix CD" to commemorate any and every possible event.  For example, if we were going to Louisville, we would make a "Louisville Mix" that contained our top 16 favorite songs of that time frame. Or, say we were having a girls night out, we would make a Mix CD of all our favorite girls-only songs to listen to in the car while we drove around from place to place that night. For example, some of my better collections were "Great Shorthorn Revival Mix" "Dallas Mix" and a very special summer mix called "Tanlines." I was even so thoughtful that I would personalize the CDs with special songs for special people on the trip. For example....on our Great Shorthorn Revival Mix, I included TuPac's "California Love" in honor of Brooke Bennett who was one of the 3 partners in crime on that trip. And thank goodness our rent-a-car had a CD player!

My affinity for Mix CDs went to a WHOLE new level when things like Napster and Kazaa became readily accessible while I had the dangerous combination of 1)My Music Knowledge and 2)High Speed Internet Access in College Station, Texas.

So as I mentioned in my earlier post, while cleaning out one of my old desks, I found an un-labelled Mix Cd and it was like musical gold! This prompted Crystal Blin to suggest I post my favorite Mix CD table of contents on a blog. To which I replied.....I'm not sure the contents of my best mix CD's are all that professional!

However, after sorting through a few of them, I found out they actually aren't that bad! So here are a few of my favorite Mix complitations...Enjoy!

Freshman Mix (Circa 1998)

  • Bye Bye (JoDee Messina)
  • Are You Jimmy Ray?
  • You Shook Me All Night Long (seriously what college mix doesn't include this)
  • Sangria Wine
  • Don't Wanna Miss A Thing 
  • Kiss The Rain
  • I Love Rock & Roll
  • Redneck Girls (This was a staple of every mix CD ever made by me)
  • Fightin Texas Aggie 
  • My Body
  • My Heart Will Go On (How embarassing)
  • This Kiss (Faith Hill)
  • TubThumping (as in I Get Knocked Down....)
  • County Fair 
Wow how old do I seem now?

Karaoke at the Kolle's Mix (Circa 2001) This is our all time go to favorites that we would Karaoke too
  • Just Like Jesse James (Cher)
  • Save Up All Your Tears (Cher)
  • Leaving On A Jet Plane
  • Sweet Child Of Mine
  • Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (of course)
  • You Can Eat Crackers In My Bed Anytime
  • Playing With The Queen of Hearts
  • California Love
  • Thong Song
  • Country Grammar - Nelly
  • Oops I Did I Again
Living In Michigan / Wishing I Was In Texas Mix (Circa 2002)
  • Three Days (Pat Green)
  • Texas On My Mind (Pat Green)
  • The Bluest Eyes in Texas
  • Feet Don't Touch the Ground
  • Look At You Girl
  • I'm Real (J Lo)
  • Lie To You For Your Love (Bellamy Brothers)
  • My Hometown (Charlie Robison)
  • Please Come to Boston
  • Riding For A Fall (Chris Ledoux)
  • Stars on the Water
  • Southbound 35
  • Texas Women
  • Anything Destiny's Child
  • Total Eclipse of the Heart
  • What I Like About Texas

As Heard At the Dixie Chicken - I never went, I have just heard these are the songs they played :)
  • Amie - Pure Prairie League
  • Baby's Got Her Blue Jeans On
  • A Big Ball in Cowtown
  • Corpus Christi Bay
  • Don't It Make You Wanna Dance
  • An Empty Glass
  • El Paso
  • Gringo Honeymoon
  • Guitar Town
  • Lone Star Beer & Bob Wills Music
  • Lookin for Love
  • Pancho & Lefty
  • Rancho Grande
  • She's Actin Single
  • Wagon Wheel (Yes, I knew this song before knowing Wagon Wheel was cool)
Feeling Pathetic Mix - This one is a guaranteed tear jerker, used especially for troubled dating or when you're feeling especially sorry for yourself. 
  • Against the Wind
  • Some Fools Never Learn
  • I Wanna Go Back - Eddie Money
  • Nothin's News- Clint Black
  • A Feeling Like That  - Gary Allen
  • I Go Back - Kenny Chesney
  • I'm Coming Home - Robert Earl Keen
  • I could list about 10 more but I don't want to look THAT pathetic.

So....there you go! You're welcome iTunes. If I see Thong Song in the Top 100 on iTunes I'll know this blog was a success. 

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