Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Coconut Blossom

Check out our latest fun and sassy site – the Coconut Blossom, home of the Pear Flat Candle Company and the Sassy Zebra Candle Company. A few short years after launching the Pear Flat Candle Co., a 12 year old girl named Shelby Watson wanted to create something new that was slightly sassy with a little pizzazz, thus Sassy Zebra was born. Now the two have combined to create The Coconut Blossom.

Creating candles is a precise art, from color to temperature to wick placement. The Coconut Blossom takes pride in each of their hand-poured candles, using an opaque wax designed especially for their containers. Their candles also feature coreless, cotton wicks that bend at the tip when burning, leaving behind less smoke.

They also use the highest percentage of scent possible, which means you will get fragrance to the very bottom of the jar. Featuring more than 60 scents, they offer red hot cinnamon, gingerbread, raspberry chocolate drizzle and pumpkin soufflé. Are you hungry yet? There’s also leather, honeysuckle and blackberry vanilla. Too bad we can’t scratch and sniff!

Visit their site for a complete listing of available scents and check back often as they continually add new ones.

The Coconut Blossom offers candles for sale both wholesale and retail.

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